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Crypto Market News

Keep up to date with the latest cryptocurrency trading news from around the world

Posted: 14 January 2019

Blockchain-Powered Prediction Platforms: Governance and Uses Beyond Gimmick Markets & Death Pools

The Augur community’s response to several high-profile controversies that emerged last year will shape the future of decentralized prediction platforms


Posted: 13 January 2019

Cornered by Bear Market, Bitmain Is Facing an Unclear Future

Bitmain continues its struggles — the mining giant has already closed two overseas offices in 2019


Posted: 10 January 2019

Overview of the Crypto Mining Industry in 2018: Will the Struggles Extend to 2019?

Major mining conglomerates in the crypto sector recorded large losses in 2018, struggling to deal with market conditions. Can they recover this year?


Posted: 9 January 2019

From Bitconnect to SIM-Swap Swindling: 2018's Biggest Scams

From the fall of Bitconnect to elaborate sim-swap swindling, let's take a look at the biggest scams of 2018


Posted: 7 January 2019

Japanese Banks Launching Digital Currencies Could Inspire the Traditional Cash Society

Japan might be a land of crypto-contrasts, but it is at the forefront of many crypto innovations and adoption, including bank-issued digital currencies


Posted: 5 January 2019

ICO Market 2018 vs 2017: Trends, Capitalization, Localization, Industries, Success Rate

2018 encompassed the best and the worst for ICOs: Almost 2,300 ICOs ended during the year, fundraising climbed to $1.75 billion in March but felt to $0.36 billion in November. Are ICOs dead or just waiting for a new rally?


Posted: 5 January 2019

Proof of Keys Event May Highlight Centralization of Crypto, but Some of Its Claims Are Unfounded

The Proof of Keys event raises questions about centralized exchanges, but questions also surround the event itself


Posted: 4 January 2019

Crypto Is Tightening Up Its Anti-Money Laundering Game, While Banks Are Still Being Fined for Non-Compliance

Morgan Stanley fine reveals that it’s the financial industry that has a problem with money laundering, not crypto


Posted: 3 January 2019

Bitcoin vs. Traditional Assets: How Does Crypto’s 10-Year Performance Sync Up?

First decade of crypto: How does BTC performance sync with that of gold, tech stocks and oil?