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Crypto Market News

Keep up to date with the latest cryptocurrency trading news from around the world

Posted: 19 March 2019

Blockchain and AI: Leading the Way to the Fourth Industrial Revolution Against the Odds

Today, AI and blockchain technologies are more complementary than competitive in their natures, and are used together in solutions where the personal…


Posted: 18 March 2019

Blockchain Boom in Ireland, but Brexit Looms

Ireland is blockchain strong, but the looming threat of Brexit could undermine business growth in a nation defined by the boom-and-bust cycle…


Posted: 14 March 2019

Enterprise Blockchain on the Rise Despite Criticisms

Depending on the goals of the network, both enterprise and public blockchains have their place in the industry…


Posted: 14 March 2019

As ProgPoW Aimed at Stopping ASIC Mining Gets Supporting Votes, New Conspiracies and Debates Appear

As ASIC-resistant ProgPoW gets the users support, more questions appear on whether the algorithm introduction will protect the Ethereum network from…


Posted: 12 March 2019

Textbook Case of Crypto Hype: How Iced Tea Company Went Blockchain and Failed Despite a 289 Percent Stock Rise

Back in December 2017, simply adding “blockchain” to your company name could trigger a 300 percent stock rise. Long Island Iced Tea did just the s…


Posted: 10 March 2019

The SEC’s Guidelines and Statements Show That It’s Slowly Learning to Accept ICOs

The SEC’s changing guidelines show that it’s slowly making peace with ICOs…


Posted: 7 March 2019

Unpacking Schnorr Signatures: Blockstream’s MuSig to Improve Bitcoin Transactions?

What is the Schnorr signatures scheme — the new MuSig standard that hopes to improve Bitcoin’s transactions?


Posted: 5 March 2019

From Stablecoins to Blockchain Trials: Japanese Players Are Going Crypto as the Local Government Is Overseeing the Market

Japan’s authorities continue to practice in regulation, while the local industry is going full crypto — read more in our analysis…


Posted: 3 March 2019

Scammers, Satoshi and Tesla Miners: Elon Musk’s Complex Relationship With Crypto

What does Elon Musk think about crypto? Read how his relationship with crypto has evolved since 2014, from Twitter scams to comments about Bitcoin’s…


Posted: 21 February 2019

Blockchain and the City: New York State as a “Tough” Model of Crypto Regulation

Will New York remain the financial capital when all finance goes blockchain?